We are always seeking new opportunities and aim to broaden our services. It is my belief that through our commitment, our experience and knowledge, trust of many partners and respect of many colleagues will help our organization to build a great enterprise, form new partnerships and become a major player on the market.

IBRAHIM ABUBAKAR Chairman of the Board of Directors


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Corporation "FLM GROUP ENERGY AND GREENHOUSE SOLUTIONS"  was founded in 2011. One of the main activities of our group is the manufacturing and construction of farming greenhouses and greenhouse complexes. Our model designs are based on certified, prefabricated materials of the highest quality. All of our designs share common technical characteristics: the Gothic design of the arches allows for maximum light absorption, as well as preventing the accumulation of the snow on the roof surface, without the risk of damaging the infrastructure. Elements of the greenhouse frame are produced from galvanized steel with a choice of sheeting such as polyethylene film, semi rigid material such as polycarbonate or PVC. Our company offers a variety of multilayered structures and tunnel greenhouses, depending on the use and location of the complex, as well as a wide range of ventilation and heating systems. "FLM GROUP ENERGY AND GREENHOUSE SOLUTIONS"  boasts a well experienced workforce, who will design, procure and install the commissioned projects, as well as offering warranty and service. We offer significantly lower prices than our western counterparts due to self-production, without compromising on quality and international standards.